A new Families Directorate

Both Adults’ and Children’s Social Work at Waltham Forest have been on a significant improvement journey.  Since August 2012 we have brought our services for children and adults together as part of the Families Directorate, in order to offer high quality services in a seamless, integrated and effective way.

The Families Directorate is an exciting place to work that offers ambitious and motivated Social Workers the scope to make their mark. It incorporates Education Improvement; Children’s Social Care; Adult Social Care; Troubled Families; Public Health; Health Integration; and Strategic Commissioning. It also complements the Environment and Regeneration Directorate in working to regenerate the borough of Waltham Forest, reducing inequalities and increasing the quality of life for its residents.  This agenda is at the heart of Members’ ambitions for Waltham Forest.

The benefits of a combined directorate are clear to see: we are more collaborative and more creative, being able to have more conversations face-to-face and bounce ideas off each other; our relationships are deepened and there is a real sense of teamwork; our managers in both Children’s and Adults’ services are visible, approachable and supportive, giving you the opportunity to make a real impact; plus our handovers are more thorough, meaning complexities become clearer and decision-making quicker.

Ultimately, this means that we can improve outcomes for our service users by seizing the opportunity to work more preventatively. Most importantly, we can be more ambitious in our aims – and have a greater chance of realising them. 

If you like the sound of our ambitious team, find out more about our Children and Adult Services here.

Families Directorate - Vision and Key Principles

Families Directorate - Structure with Members

Families Directorate - Structure Chart